Mini-pupillages generally last for two days and, save in exceptional circumstances, take place in specific weeks in June, July, November and December of each year. We aim to take 10 mini-pupils per week.

Due to the current unprecedented situation regarding COVID19, we are unable to offer face to face Mini-Pupillages.  For the time being we will be offering Mini-Pupillages in the form of assigned and assessed work.  If you wish to apply, please visit our ‘How to Apply’ page.

All applications received will be treated as applications for the specific mini-pupillage weeks. However, where there are extenuating circumstances we will endeavour to make adjustments to this time-table if possible. If you have any questions please do contact Ella Igbiaye, our Administrator, by email at

Mini-pupillages do not include a formally assessed piece of work. However, views regarding the individual’s suitability for pupillage in Chambers are provided to the Recruitment Committee by the member of chambers responsible for supervising the mini-pupil. Mini-pupillages are not a pre-requisite for a pupillage application. However, we encourage potential applicants to do a mini-pupillage in Chambers. We believe they provide a valuable opportunity to get an understanding of the work we do here, to meet members of Chambers and to get a feel for the working environment.

If applicants have any particular requirements or interests they should make this clear on the application form (as to which see below). Where possible we will then make necessary arrangements prior to the mini-pupillage.

Click here for more information on how to apply.