Civil Fraud, Asset Recovery & Injunctive Relief

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Members of 4 New Square are instructed in commercial fraud work both on and offshore. That work ranges across many different contexts and includes commercial fraud in all its forms: from international conspiracy cases, to fraudulent insurance claims, to claims involving trusts and fiduciaries.

Given this expertise, Members of Chambers are regularly instructed at short notice to seek, resist or discharge urgent injunctive and other pre-emptive relief, including freezing injunctions, search orders, Norwich Pharmacal and Bankers Trust orders.

Chambers’ expertise ranges from cases in the Commercial Court and the Chancery Division in England and Wales, but also to courts in foreign jurisdictions with a particular focus on work in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman, and the Isle of Man. Further, Members of Chambers have significant experience of international arbitration under a very broad range of domestic and international institutions.

Members of Chambers have been involved in many high profile cases in recent years, including:

  • Apex Global Management Ltd v FI Call Ltd [2016] EWHC 2053 (Ch), a politically charged multimillion dollar claim, acting for a Saudi Prince and related parties, with allegations and cross allegations of money laundering, fraud and financial mismanagement.
  • Marathon Asset Management LLP v Seddon [2017] EWHC 300 (Comm), one of The Lawyer’s top 20 cases of 2016 in which proceedings were brought by two leading figures in the asset management industry against another for an alleged conspiracy to damage their business.
  • The Weavering Cayman claim in which members of chambers defended Ernst & Young against claims of fraudulent and negligent audits.
  • Candy & Ors v Holyoake & Anor [2017] EWCA Civ 92, a high profile dispute involving well-known figures in the property development industry that has featured in the national press, and which includes allegations that the Defendants (the Candy brothers) conspired to intimidate Mr Holyoake to enter into a serious of disadvantageous and oppressive deals.