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SRA v James: When “I was driven to it” is no defence
Paul Parker
| 13/11/2018

Today a likely fatal blow to well-being in the workplace was struck by the Administrative Court (Flaux LJ, Jeremy Baker J) in SRA v James and others [2018] EWHC 3058 (Admin). It is well-known that if a solicitor is guilty of dishonesty in and about the work he or she does, they will be struck off unless they can show “exceptional circumstances”. For a while it was thought that extreme and intolerable work pressure giving rise to mental health issues, in turn giving rise to an act or acts of dishonesty, might suffice.

Four Fundamentals of Limitation Periods in Contract and Tort Claims
Carl Troman
| 25/10/2018

Four key points for the limitation period for contract and tort claims. Limitation is fiendishly complex - these are some fundamentals for an ‘all-or-nothing’ defence affecting every claim.

Service Can Be A Right Hassle
Carl Troman
| 24/10/2018

A short note on a recent Supreme Court case concerning the circumstances in which a Court will order alternative service under CPR 6.15

Ten Top Tips for Service of Proceedings
Carl Troman
| 24/10/2018

Service of proceedings continues to be a fertile ground for disputes. Meritorious and valuable claims can fail on a technicality given how hard it is to obtain a retrospective extension of time for service of a claim form.  Here are ten top tips for avoiding the pitfalls and ascertaining whether your opponent has fallen into one.

Stay of proceedings before serving a claim form
Stephen Innes and Hannah Daly
| 23/10/2018

Barristers Stephen Innes and Hannah Daly consider a claimant's options where limitation is about to expire eg issuing a claim form then seeking a stay.