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Zuberi v Lexlaw Limited: Damages Based Agreements in England and Wales – a new dawn?
Tim Chelmick and George McDonald
| 19/01/2021

George McDonald and Tim Chelmick discuss the Court of Appeal decision in Zuberi v Lexlaw Limited which has made damages-based agreements in England and Wales far more attractive to solicitors and heralds a new dawn for contingency arrangements

Professional liability update: 2020 year in review
Helen Evans, Ben Smiley, Pippa Manby, and Ian McDonald
| 05/01/2021

The core issues considered in the most important professional negligence cases of 2020 cover five main themes, as follows:

The practical consequences of the broad policy-based test laid down in recent years to determine when a claimant’s claim is “tainted” by his wrongdoing;
When it is an abuse of process to attack the outcome of previous proceedings in a subsequent claim;
Challenges posed by the separate legal personalities of a company and its shareholders, creditors or other associates;
The need for more certainty in the area of vicarious liability; and
The extent to which the filtering mechanism based on scope of duty can cut down damages in a claim framed in breach of fiduciary duty rather than negligence.

In this review of the year, Helen Evans, Ben Smiley, Pippa Manby, and Ian McDonald of 4 New Square explain what the 2020 cases tell us, how the various strands of development interact, and what to watch out for as we go into 2021.

Long Arms and Sharp Elbows: Jurisdiction from 1 January 2021
Joshua Folkard
| 29/12/2020

Following the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement (“TCA”) and the laying before Parliament of the Civil, Criminal and Family Justice (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, the key points for jurisdiction over EU-27 Defendants after the end of the transition period are now clear:

The Role of International Commercial Courts in Construction Disputes
Sir Rupert Jackson
| 08/12/2020

A video lecture by Sir Rupert Jackson at Melbourne University Law School on 8 December 2020.

Supreme Court rules that defence of illegality will not save negligent solicitors (Stoffel & Co v Grondona)
Melody Ihuoma
| 30th October 2020

Melody Ihuoma contributes to an article by Halima Dikko of LexisNexis on Stoffel v Grodona. Please click here to read the article in full. 


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