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Introduction to the SRA’s 2019 Standards and Regulations
Jamie Smith QC and Miles Harris
| 14/10/2019

A summary look at the main changes brought in by the SRA’s new November 2019 Standards and Regulations and their potential impact on practitioners.

Demystifying Shareholder Disputes Series
4 New Square
| 13/09/2019

Throughout July 2019, 4 New Square released a series of articles from specialist contributors on shareholder disputes. Those articles have been consolidated into one reference guide.

Successful Part 8 Challenge of Adjudication Decision
Paul Cowan
| 24/07/2019

On 25 June 2019, Pepperall J. in the TCC handed down an important judgment upholding a Part 8 challenge relating to a major part of an adjudicator’s decision, and preventing enforcement of that part as a result.

Shareholder Disputes in Sport
Hugh Jory QC and Richard Liddell
| 24/07/2019

As the law of unfair prejudice in the conduct of companies’ affairs has developed, sports clubs (particularly football and rugby clubs) have proved to be fertile sources of disputes between shareholders. In this article, we examine unfair prejudice petitions which have concerned the sports sector to look at the effects of those decisions and at what we can learn not just about the sorts of shareholder disputes which arise in sports clubs but also what we can learn from those decisions and apply to shareholder disputes in other contexts.

Expert Evidence on Share Valuations: When to use hot tubbing in unfair prejudice petitions
Paul Mitchell QC and Nigel Burroughs
| 22/07/2019

A critical, if not the most critical part of any unfair prejudice petition is the valuation of the minority shareholding. Paul Mitchel QC and Nigel Burroughs of 4 New Square were counsel in Swain and Swains Plc, a case in which the expert share valuation evidence was taken concurrently.  They look at the pros and cons of hot tubbing, and offer practical advice on how to approach the way experts should give their evidence.