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Where does the law stand now on discounts for minority holdings in non quasi-partnership companies?
Hugh Jory QC and Matthew Bradley
| 15/07/2019

In this article, Hugh Jory QC and Matthew Bradley take a closer look at the impact of the controversial decision in Re Blue Index Ltd [2014] EWHC 2680 (Ch) on a line of recent cases, the last having been handed down, in Dinglis v Dinglis [2019] EWHC 1664 (Ch), on 28 June 2019.

Share Valuation in Shareholder Disputes
Hugh Jory QC and Matthew Bradley
| 10/07/2019

In this article, Hugh Jory QC and Matthew Bradley explore the art of share valuation and the different approaches that can be taken.

Not so common common law
Nicholas Davidson QC
| 09/07/2019

Not so common common law: Interest, the Scots in the House of Lords and the English in the Court of Appeal. Nicholas Davidson QC

Recent Developments in Quasi-Partnerships
Thomas Ogden and John Williams
| 08/07/2019

Applying the same set of legal rules to all companies, regardless of their individual circumstances and characteristics, can lead to injustice. The concept of “quasi-partnership” encourages a more nuanced approach and allows courts to recognise and enforce equitable obligations which may have arisen between members of a company. In this article, Thomas Ogden and John Williams of 4 New Square review key elements of the law in this area, and consider a number of important recent decisions.

Judicial Mediation
Sir Rupert Jackson
| 03/07/2019

Lecture by Sir Rupert Jackson at the Astana International Financial Centre Conference in Kazakhstan on 3rd July 2019.