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Limitation and the stroke of midnight: Matthew v Sedman [2019] EWCA Civ 475
Helen Evans
| 20/03/2019

When does the limitation period expire when the cause of action accrues at the “stroke of midnight”? The Court of Appeal has today provided guidance on this issue in Matthews v Sedman [2019] EWCA Civ 475. Clare Dixon and Nicholas Broomfield acted for the successful defendants. Helen Evans analyses the Court of Appeal’s decision.

Liquidated Damages after Termination: Triple Point Technology v. PTT
Neil Hext QC
| 05/03/2019

What happens to liquidated damages when a contract is terminated? Does the clause apply? If so, is the employer entitled to payment up until the point of termination, or beyond? These questions were addressed by the Court of Appeal in today’s decision in Triple Point Technology v. PTT. Neil Hext QC considers the implications of the judgment.

Bungled Litigation and Costs
Hugh Evans
| 28/02/2019

Hugh Evans argues that costs should play a more significant role in the valuation of lost litigation, particularly in weaker claims, and the impact of the old and new CFA and ATE regimes makes a substantial difference to the value of such claims.

Cameron v Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd: Suing Unnamed Defendants & the Approach to Alternative Service
Benjamin Williams QC and Ben Smiley
| 20/02/2019

Supreme Court decision in Cameron v Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd: all change on suing unnamed defendants and alternative/substituted service.

Honesty and “counterfactuals” in lost litigation cases – what has the Supreme Court judgment in Perry v Raleys got to tell us?
Helen Evans and Simon Teasdale
| 14/02/2019

Helen Evans and Simon Teasdale of 4 New Square examine yesterday’s Supreme Court judgment in Perry v Raleys [2019] UKSC 5 and explain what light it sheds on the proper approach to the trial of “lost litigation” claims. Is the law more defendant friendly as a result of the Supreme Court’s judgment?