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The New NCAA Independent Accountability Resolution Process for Infractions Cases: An Overview
Jeffrey Benz
| 10/07/2020

Interested in the law governing disputes in the US college sports structure? Jeff Benz, who is also chair of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) Infractions Referral Committee, joined by two important co authors, has penned the leading article now on the new NCAA process for resolving infractions disputes, which can be found on the LawInSport's website here.

How to conduct effective sports dispute resolution & advocacy online
Jeffrey Benz
| 15/06/2020

Jeffrey Benz and Catherine Pitre of Sport Resolutions write for LawInSport on successful advocacy online in sports disputes. Click here to read the article.

Early mediation in sports disputes equals efficient outcomes
Jeffrey Benz
| 08/06/2020

When we emerge from the current situation, the world of sports will be changed.  And disputes are undoubtedly going to increase, particularly disputes that may have been put on hold while the world has been paused.  Obtaining the assistance of a trained and neutral third party (a mediator) is often the most efficient method to resolve these disputes quickly and effectively so that industry participants can get back to business.

Jeff Benz writes for LawInSport on the need for more mediation in sports disputes. Click here to read in full.

Returning to work after Covid-19 – some legal issues
Paul Nicholls QC
| 20/05/2020

Following the government’s recent announcement of a partial relaxation of the lockdown, the prospect of a return to work is in sight for many people. In some industries such as construction staff are already being encouraged to return to work. As the R number falls, others will no doubt follow. But what are the legal pitfalls which await employers?

Why is the “illegality” defence back in the spotlight?
Helen Evans and Ian McDonald
| 04/05/2020

It is not uncommon for defendants to professional negligence claims to argue that the claimant should be barred from recovering damages because his or her cause of action is tarred by illegality. However, over recent years, the law has taken a variety of approaches to when illegality will provide a defence. With the issue about to come before the Supreme Court again, Helen Evans and Ian McDonald of 4 New Square explain.