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Qatar’s New Arbitration Law
Paul Fisher
| 12 April 2017

Paul Fisher provides some preliminary thoughts on this significant development in Qatar’s arbitration landscape.

SAAMCO and the Distinction Between Advice and Information in Professional Negligence Claims
Roger Stewart QC, Scott Allen
| 22 MARCH 2017

In this article, the implications of the decision in BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21 are considered by Roger Stewart QC and Scott Allen, who appeared for BPE Solicitors in this case. This is an important decision that concerns the application of the SAAMCO principle in a solicitors’ negligence claim.

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability (8th ed.)
John Powell QC, Roger Stewart QC
| 13 December 2016

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability provides comprehensive coverage of the general law around professional liability – the duties, remedies, defences, litigation, human rights issues.

Illegality: The ‘range of factors’ test and its likely impact
Carl Troman
| 12 October 2016

Carl Troman examines the defence of illegality – from its 18th century origins to the radical changes made by the Supreme Court in 2016.

Privacy and Conflicts in the Court of Appeal: [2016] 132 LQR 31
Josh Folkard
| 19 AUGUST 2016

In this case note, Josh Folkard considers the decision of v Google, which clarifies:
- That privacy is protected in English law by a new tort of misuse of private information.
- The availability of damages for mere distress under the Data Protection Act 1998.
- The scope of the 'tort gateway' in Practice Direction 6B.
- That (at least some) articles of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights have horizontal direct effect.