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Overseas Associates

Relationship with Chambers

4 New Square’s Overseas Associates are leading legal practitioners from jurisdictions outside England and Wales who accept instructions to act as arbitrators or mediators, arbitration counsel, or as experts on matters of foreign law in respect of matters relevant to their individual expertise.

Overseas Associates are not members of Chambers and maintain separate practices in their respective jurisdictions which are unconnected to 4 New Square. Overseas Associates do not accept instructions for legal advice in respect of English Law or instructions to exercise rights of audience in the Courts of England & Wales.

If you would like information about an Overseas Associate’s expertise, qualifications, regulation, registration or insurance position please view their website profiles or contact their clerk.

Regulation of Overseas Associates

Overseas Associates are qualified legal practitioners in their respective jurisdictions and subject to any regulatory governance that may apply in that particular jurisdiction. An Overseas Associate is not regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) unless they are also qualified as a barrister in England and Wales. Those who are qualified may or may not hold a current practising certificate, with those who do, being subject to the BSB’s Code of Conduct and accompanying rules and regulations (“the BSB Handbook”) in its entirety. Those who do not hold a current practising certificate will be subject to some, but not all parts of the BSB Handbook. Overseas Associates who are not qualified in England and Wales are not subject to the Legal Ombudsman Scheme.