The Test for Inducement in Contracts Prior to the Insurance Act 2015: Zurich Insurance PLC v Niramax Group Limited [2021] EWCA Civ 590

Miles Harris |

In Zurich Insurance PLC v Niramax Group Limited, dealing with a contract pre-dating the Insurance Act 2015, the Court of Appeal held that to establish inducement in cases of non-disclosure it was necessary for the insurer to show that the non-disclosure was an efficient cause of the underwriter writing the insurance on less onerous terms than would have been the case had the disclosure been made. It is not sufficient merely to establish that the less onerous terms would not have been imposed ‘but for’ the non-disclosure.  The case highlights an issue as to whether the same result would be reached under the Insurance Act 2015. The Appellant was represented by Graham Eklund QC and Carl Troman and the Respondent by Ben Elkington QC and Ben Smiley, all of 4 New Square.

The decision is considered by Miles Harris of 4 New Square.

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