Demystifying Shareholder Disputes Series

4 New Square |

Throughout July 2019, 4 New Square released a series of articles from specialist contributors on shareholder disputes. Those articles have been consolidated into one reference guide.

Shareholder litigation is very common. There are 4 million companies in England & Wales, ranging from football clubs to corner shops. Some are formally run, with well-regulated boards and good access to legal advice. Others are more informal, family affairs. Others still are badly run and prone to disagreements.  Minority shareholders can feel aggrieved by a wide range of conduct by the majority. The applicable legal remedies therefore have to straddle a broad range of types of company, types of conduct, and financial consequences. 4 New Square’s articles address this broad range of disputes and the relevant legal principles that apply to them. They also give an experienced insight into the thorny issues of valuation that can make or break a petition.

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