Five common perils of standstill agreements in professional liability claims
Helen Evans
| 21st Aug 2017

With standstill agreements back in the legal news following judgment being handed down in the Muduroglu matter ([2017] EWHC 29 (Ch)), Helen Evans sets out five frequently encountered problems with standstill agreements in professional liability claims.

International Diplomacy and the Contractual Bargain
Paul Fisher
| 7th July 2017

Paul Fisher provides his thoughts on the latest crisis in the Gulf for Practical Law.
This piece was first published on the Practical Law Construction blog.
Paul has spent a significant amount of time working in Qatar and throughout the Middle East.

Stephen Innes
| 7th July 2017

Stephen Innes examines some recent cases on QOCS - Qualified One Way Costs Shifting

Liability of trustees in bankruptcy: important new Court of Appeal case
Helen Evans
| 8th June 2017

The liability of trustees in bankruptcy to bankrupts is a curiously under-developed area of law. There has been a lack of clarity the circumstances in which a trustee can be liable to a bankrupt personally (rather than liable for losses to the bankrupt’s estate). However, this issue came before the Court of Appeal last month (judgment handed down 25 May 2017).

Qatar’s New Arbitration Law
Paul Fisher
| 12 April 2017

Paul Fisher provides some preliminary thoughts on this significant development in Qatar’s arbitration landscape.

SAAMCO and the Distinction Between Advice and Information in Professional Negligence Claims
Roger Stewart QC, Scott Allen
| 22 MARCH 2017

In this article, the implications of the decision in BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21 are considered by Roger Stewart QC and Scott Allen, who appeared for BPE Solicitors in this case. This is an important decision that concerns the application of the SAAMCO principle in a solicitors’ negligence claim.

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability (8th ed.)
John Powell QC, Roger Stewart QC
| 13 December 2016

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability provides comprehensive coverage of the general law around professional liability – the duties, remedies, defences, litigation, human rights issues.