Do’s and don’ts of tribunal advocacy

Graeme McPherson QC and Diarmuid Laffan share some practical thoughts on preparing for disciplinary hearings and conducting tribunal advocacy.

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Advocacy is often called the art of persuasion. This podcast aims to provide some practical advice on preparing and presenting disciplinary cases in a thorough and compelling manner. In the first section of the podcast, Diarmuid Laffan deals with some of the issues that arise, whether acting for a professional or a regulator, upon initial instruction and when preparing a disciplinary case. In the second section, Graeme McPherson QC gives a valuable ‘view from the bench’, in light of his experiences sitting as an arbitrator and as a tribunal Chair across a variety of professions and sporting bodies, which will include guidance on written advocacy, the presentation of evidence and submissions.


Graeme McPherson QC

Diarmuid Laffan

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