Landmark challenge to Russian “foreign agent” laws goes to the Strasbourg Court

The Moscow bureau of the international media group Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and its general director, Andrey Shary, have filed an Article 34 application with the European Court of Human Rights, challenging Russia’s use of “foreign agent” laws that have resulted in millions of dollars of fines being imposed on RFE/RL and Mr. Shary since January 2021.

Can Yeginsu is leading Ian McDonald for the applicants, instructed by the New York and Washington D.C. offices of Covington & Burling LLP. In February 2021, the Prague headquarters of RFE/RL intimated a claim under the 1994 bilateral investment treaty between the Czech Republic and Russia. Covington & Burling and Can Yeginsu are also advising RFE/RL in relation to that matter.

A press release has been issued by RFE/RL in relation to the case and can be found here. News stories in relation to the case are available as follows: (i) New York Times’ story of 20 May 2021; (ii) Reuters’ story of 19 May 2021; (iii) Reuter’s story of 16 April 2021; (iv) DW’s story of 16 April 2021; (v) Al Jazeera’s story of 16 April 2021; (vi) the Jerusalem Post’s story of 16 April 2021; and (vii) the Global Arbitration Review’s story of 16 April 2021.