Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability 8th edition

The latest edition, the 8th, of Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability has just been published – some 35 years after the publication of the 1st edition in 1982.  The intervening years have seen over a fourfold expansion of the book itself, its inclusion within Sweet & Maxwell’s Common Law Library, and a name change from Professional Negligence to Professional Liability. These changes are the consequence of several factors. The latest edition comprises nine general chapters and thirteen chapters each specific to a particular profession.  This compares with one general chapter and seven specific chapters in the original edition. The expansion reflects the huge increase in the number of professional liability claims over the years, the professions exposed to such claims and the complexity of many such claims. The book is now recognised as a standard textbook for judges, commercial and civil law practitioners and others, both in the UK and other common law jurisdictions.

Necessarily, the number of contributors has increased over the years. The current edition maintains the tradition of previous editions: its contributors are all members of these chambers, 4 New Square.   It is, however, not mere tradition.  All members of 4 New Square, contributors and others alike, continue to maintain and develop their expertise and experience in professional liability claims. It is the benefit of that expertise and experience which, we hope, are well reflected in the latest edition and which each member of chambers aims to provide to best serve our clients.


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