4 New Square Signs Pledge to Promote Gender Diversity

4 New Square is a proud signatory of the Women in Law Pledge created by the Bar Council of England and WalesThe Law Society, and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). We are committed to the progress of equality and elimination of sex discrimination and pledge to make positive change for the legal profession.

Our Gender Diversity and Equality Representative is our CEO & Senior Clerk, Lizzy Stewart.

What will the pledge do?

By signing up for the pledge chambers is committing to:

  • Supporting the progression of women into senior roles in the profession by focusing on retention and practice development opportunities;
  • Setting clear plans and targets around gender equality and diversity for your chambers/organisation; and
  • Tracking progress towards achieving your goals.

Chambers pledges to promote gender equality by:

  • Having one named member of our senior leadership team/management committee who is accountable for gender diversity and inclusion;
  • Setting specific gender targets at leadership level and at other levels as appropriate;
  • Considering the differential outcomes for different groups of women at all levels of the organisation e.g. their background, identity and range of experiences;
  • Developing an action plan to achieve gender equality in our senior management and leadership teams;
  • Committing at senior level to tackle sex discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Committing to tackle workplace culture and bias that may result in differential outcomes in the workplace;
  • Making public our pledge and publishing our targets and action plan.

Read 4 New Square’s gender diversity targets here