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Glen Tyrell

Personal Injury

Glen’s work in this area includes representing the defendant;

  • in a number of claims for psychiatric injury (Tew v Brown High Court Bristol, 17.3.00, Palmer v Becque Brighton CC, 19.4.01, Brazier v Hilderbrand, Canterbury  CC, 9.5.01, Russell v Law Oxford CC, 20.1.03 and Culverwell v Crier Birmingham CC, 5.7.04)
  • in a claim for spinal injury (Vellunga v Hurvel High Court, London, 27.2.01)
  • in a claim for spinal injury arising out of the collapse of the wheel of a motorcycle during a motorcycle race. (High Court London, 8.10.02)
  • in a £1m claim for psychiatric injury (Willis v Vauxhall Centre Court of Appeal, 18.5.07)
  • to a £1m counterclaim for spinal injury (Wood v Igoea High Court, Birmingham 23.4.08)
  • in a £2.5m claim for brain damage by a property developer (Fouladgar v Southover Food Co Ltd High Court, London 16.1.09)
  • in an application for an order that an admission made by the defendant’s insurer could be withdrawn (Farley v South West of England RDA CLCC, 10.3.09)
  • in an application to strike out a claimant’s claim for damages arising out of his employment on an oil rig off the coast of Angola on the basis that the claim should have been brought in the British Virgin Islands (Hookham v Online Consultants Ltd Norwich CC, 28.4.09)
  • in a £1m claim for hand injury by a “dinosaur vet”.(real vet, CGI dinosaur McNabb v Impossible Pictures Ltd) (High Court, London)
  • in a £.25m claim for knee injury (Bowden v Clyst Holdings Ltd, Exeter CC, mediation 21.5.10)
  • in a £.5m claim for brain damage. (Poon v Boothville Roofing  Ltd  Northampton CC, mediation 28.1.11)
  • in a £.25m claim for ankle injury (Hickson v Denne Construction Ltd High Court London, 11.4.11)
  • in a £1m claim for brain damage (O’Brien v Premier Recycling Ltd, High Court, London 7.6.11)
  • in a claim for paraplegia brought by a fellow competitor in a motorcycle race (McKeever v Motorsport Vision High Court, London 10.12)
  • in a £500,000 claim for spinal injury (Plymouth CC 9.5.12)
  • in a £7m claim for brain damage (High Court Leeds 2.10.12)
  • in a £600,000 claim for a de gloving injury to the leg (High Court London 18.12.12)
  • in a £500,000 claim for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) (Guildford CC, 25.7.13)
  • in a £1.5m claim for spinal injury (Plymouth CC, 27.12.13)
  • in a £600,000 claim for multiple injuries sustained by a race marshal during a saloon car race (Aldershot CC, 10.12.13)
  • in a liability only trial of a claim by a motorcyclist for the loss of his leg in a collision between his motorcycle, a car and a bus (High Court London 2.10.13, Court of Appeal 23.7.14)
  • in a £2m claim for psychiatric injury (Bournemouth CC 11.9.14)
  • in a claim by a nurse against a NHS Trust (Norwich CC 17.11.14)
  • in a claim by a doctor against a NHS Trust (Wolverhampton CC)