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Richard Liddell

Accountants, Auditors & Actuaries

Rick regularly acts both for and against accountants, auditors and tax advisers in litigation and disciplinary proceedings.  He is familiar with the audit process and applicable accounting and auditing standards. He is also frequently instructed in claims (against IFAS, solicitors, accountants and tax advisers), which require detailed knowledge and understanding of various tax regimes (both in the UK and abroad).

Examples of his extensive experience in this area include:

  • Successfully acted for a famous singer/songwriter in a claim against his former accountants and tax advisers for failures to (a) lodge exemption forms on behalf of the claimant with a result he had to pay significantly more Irish Income Tax than would otherwise have been the case and (b) prepare the claimant’s Irish and UK Tax Returns;
  • Currently acting for various individuals in substantial claims against accountants (among others) arising from advice relating to collective investment schemes;
  • Acted for a well-known footballer in a potential claim against his former accountants arising from an ‘investment’ in a film finance scheme;
  • Currently acting for a very famous cricketer in a claim against his former accountants arising from advice given/not given in connection with an image rights’ company;
  • Currently acting for a firm of chartered accountants who are being sued by the owner of a leisure industry business for (allegedly) failing to act competently in connection with its VAT overpayment claims to HMRC arising from various European decisions dealing with fiscal neutrality and gaming machines;
  • Successfully acted for various individuals and trustees in a claim against their former accountants and tax advisers relating to capital gains tax payable following the sale of another company;
  • Acted for a firm of accountants in a Part 20 claim brought by a firm of solicitors relating to tax payable by the Claimant following the sale of a company;
  • Acted for a firm of accountants in a claim arising out of advice concerning capital allowances due to the Claimants from their position as owners of a nursing home;
  • Junior counsel to Roger Stewart QC in an action by the trustees in bankruptcy of a firm of solicitors against its former practice accountants;
  • Acting for and against wealth management companies, IFAs, tax advisers (lawyers) in a number of claims arising from negligent advice concerning SIPPs, unsuitable investments and the UK tax implications relating to the reconstruction of a French company.

Rick was also engaged in litigation involving tax schemes (Information & Communication) technology: The Innovator Litigation.

Rick has also acted for and against the then Accountancy Investigation & Discipline Board (AADB) and the FRC (as Junior Counsel to Ben Hubble QC) in a number of high-profile matters:

  • Prosecuted a major firm of accountants relating to the audits of a UK FTSE 250 Company;
  • Prosecuted the European Financial Controller of a UK FTSE 250 Company;
  • Defended FRC disciplinary proceedings against Paul Newsham (auditor) arising from the audit of various long term construction contracts.