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Patrick Lawrence QC


Patrick’s familiarity with (i) claims arising out of failed litigation and (ii) insurance law has led to the development of a practice in the field of costs law, in particular in relation to the pre-Jackson CFA/ATE structures; the transition to the post-Jackson regime; and attacks on the enforceability of CFAs and DBAs. Costs cases include: IOMA Insurance v Wake Smith - failure of multiparty industrial illness litigation supported by CFA/ATE packages; 3 week trial in Mercantile Court of costs/ATE issues arising therefrom; (ii) Automotive Latch Systems v Honeywell Inc. - advising on ATE cover following failure of >$100m commercial claim giving rise to >$15m costs liabilities; (iii) Hunt v Harlock – successful appeal against a ruling that a clerical error in an ATE policy vitiated the cover and meant that the premium was irrecoverable; (iv) Astaldi SPA v [a firm of solicitors] claim by Italian construction company in respect of disbursements relating to litigation in Algeria; (v) Bamrah v Gempride Limited - an unusual case which was heard for 14 days on appeal in 2016, concerning allegations of deceit and misconduct in assessment proceedings in the SCCO; (vi) ongoing litigation (2017) related to the imminent Budana appeal concerning the enforceability of purportedly 'assigned' CFAs following the advent of the Jackson regime.